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Jewelry created in the mountains of New Hampshire with lots of love and respect for our Earth. At Common Cents Jewelry you will find beautifully hand crafted coin earrings, necklaces, pendants & key chains. Each piece of jewelry is carefully hand shaped using a hammer and doming block. Many of our pieces have a New Hampshire theme and are made with the New Hampshire State Quarter, featuring the Old Man of the Mountain, and the White Mountain Quarter, featuring Mount Chocorua. We also make a number of pieces using vintage coins such as, Liberty Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, Indian Head Pennies and Wheat Pennies. Maybe you are looking for jewelry with a certain date to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion? Or, maybe you have coins that you've saved from a trip that you would like made into earrings or a pendant? If so, please feel free to contact Angie Preisendorfer at Common Cents Jewelry to discuss how you can work together to create that perfect piece of jewelry you've been looking for!

Common Cents Jewelry

Categories:  Products

Contact:  Angie Preisendorfer, Owner/Jewler
Email:  commoncents.nh@gmail.com
Phone:  603-455-1301

Website:   www.etsy.com/shop/commoncentsnh
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