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Founded in 1987, HUMAN Speakers builds affordable high quality speakers by hand in a local, friendly environment. The ultimate requirement of the product is that it be what I myself want to listen to at home.

The main design criteria are a uniform power response combined with a uniform on-axis response, very low distortion, and, ultimately, "listenability".

HUMAN Speakers strives to build speakers that will be the last pair you ever buy - unless you need another pair for yourself or as a gift. I only use the most carefully selected raw materials and assemble them by hand into the instrument I like to call "the best speaker you ever heard at any price".

While many companies' products change with every model year and with every changing breeze of fashion, only refinements that fit in with my overall philosophy are incorporated into my products. The heritage of my products goes back a long way, back to the "heyday of HiFi" in the 1970s, while featuring many improvements in power handling and overall response due to improvements in concepts, materials, and even adhesives that have been gradually developed and recognized as genuinely contributing to the quality of a loudspeaker system's sound.

The HUMAN Speakers model 81 (pictured) was featured in the November 2010 issue of WIRED Magazine, earning a 9/10 rating.

In addition to complete speaker systems, DIY kits, and raw drivers, HUMAN Speakers also provides a full range of speaker repair services, and builds improved replacement parts for vintage EPI/Epicure, Genesis Physics, Burhoe Acoustics, Advance Speaker Korp, and other classic products.

HUMAN Speakers also manufactures and distributes Winslow Burhoe's Direct Acoustics Silent Speaker 2, as featured in Stereophile Magazine.

HUMAN Speakers

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7 Kelsey Road
Lee, NH 03861

Contact:  Huw Powell, Owner
Email:  one@humanspeakers.com
Phone:  603-659-5335
Fax:  603-659-5339

Website:   http://www.humanspeakers.com
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!