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Send a potted flower garden from Living Gardens that will last for weeks as it grows and blooms indoors. Our gardens make special, lasting gifts because of their sustainable nature. Many of our customers comment that they receive as much enjoyment from watching a potted garden grow as they do from the actual blooms it produces. Many also like to plant their gardens outdoors after the blooms have passed and often report the bulbs come back and bloom year after year.

What a unique way to fulfill your holiday gift-giving needs - our gardens appeal to gardeners who miss their gardens, children who enjoy watching the growing process, grandparents who 'have everything,' and teachers, neighbors and extended family as a cheerful way of saying thank you or simply showing you care. Our gardens are easy to grow, as they arrive pre-potted and require nothing more than water and a bit of bright light. We offer potted Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, and our Specialty Mixed Bulb Gardens as well as a fabulous selection of pre-planted Amaryllis bulbs from South Africa, Brazil, Israel, Peru and Holland. And of course, a traditional holiday favorite, the fragrant Paperwhite Narcissus, is available in a variety of package and planting styles. Let us make your gift-giving much easier this year. Visit our beautiful website, LivingGardens.com for all of your New Hampshire Made gifts and we will ship them directly anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. We guarantee you will be pleased!

A Little History
Living Gardens began in 1985 under the name Marlborough Greenhouses, Inc. which originally was a retail garden center in Marlborough, New Hampshire. Because of our passion for growing bulbs, after a few years of running the garden center, we decided to start a mail order company specializing in potted bulbs and to offer our product nationwide.

What's in a Name?
The name Living Gardens evolved as a perfect description of what we offer. Our potted bulbs are pre-rooted and sent in a dormant stage of growth similar to any garden awaiting the winter thaw. When the pot of bulbs is received, simply water and within a few days the exposed bulb shoots will turn green and begin to grow. ENJOY!

Marlborough Greenhouses, Inc. dba Living Gardens

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