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Two store locations on I-95 Northbound and I-95 Southbound at the Hampton NH State Liquor Stores. These two stores sell NH Made member products exclusively.

Hours: Open 7 days a week 9:00 AM - 5:00. Later In summer.

Products: Wonderful selection of specialty food items including maple syrup, jams & mustards, candies & pastries, plus fresh roasted coffees, teas, soda and water. Gift items include prints and cards, pottery, stained glass, jewelry, hand-crafted pewter, personal care items and NH-memento t-shirts, signs, and more.

Statement of Purpose: Thanks to a valued partnership with the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, NH MADE operates two retail stores, called The New Hampshire Stores, located both North & Southbound on I-95 in Hampton, NH, adjacent to the NH State Liquor Outlets. These stores generate revenues that help fund the organization and provide financial sustainability. More important, the stores help NH Made fulfill its mission to strengthen New Hampshire's state economy by increasing the awareness and demand for New Hampshire-made products and services, and providing the support programs local businesses need to grow.

NH Made retail stores support our mission by supporting our members:
• The retail stores offer products exclusively produced by NH Made member businesses. We provide exposure to markets and offer a venue for reaching customers available only to our membership.
• The retail stores serve as a “foot-in-the-door” for New Hampshire-made businesses, providing access to retail markets that might otherwise not be available.
• The stores are business development learning opportunities for our membership. NH Made teaches, assists, and guides our members to help them build knowledge in:
o Product presentation, packaging and pricing
o Wholesale sales procedures and protocols
o Order, reorder, and inventory management techniques
o Shipping and delivery methods.

NH Made retail stores support our mission by supporting our organization:
• The retail stores are located in very high traffic, tourism-oriented spaces. These locations increase awareness of, and demand for, New Hampshire-made products. The stores are professionally managed and merchandised, enhancing awareness of “New Hampshire Made” and strengthening the state's economy through sales and branding. The wide variety of quality products appeals to both commuters and visitors to the state. Member brochures, Guides to NH Products, and Tourism Visitor Guides and maps are also available.
• The retail stores generate revenues required to support other programs and services offered by NH Made to its membership. This financially sustainable source of funding significantly reduces dependence on federal and state funding, grants, and charitable donations to fulfill its mission.

The New Hampshire Stores

Categories:  Retail Sales

I-95 N, & I-95 S, Rest Area between Exit 1 and 2
Hampton, NH 03843

Email:  nhstores@nhmade.com
Phone:  603-926-7788 South / 603-926-8542 North

Website:   www.nhmade.com
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!