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Everyday your body faces environmental challenges. And who’s there as your first line of defense? Your body’s largest organ, your skin! At He Be G-Bees we respect our multi-tasking skin and have designed an organic, natural line of skin care products to support healthy skin for a lifetime. Our handmade, small-batch soaps and body scrubs respect Mother Nature and contain the finest ingredients she has to offer. This nutrient rich food is designed to strengthen the skin’s acid mantle (barrier to germs and UV radiation), including the keratin, by gently washing away dirt, helping to seal moisture in to prevent dryness, and nourishing it to a healthy glow. Keep in mind that your skin is like a sponge so it’s important to make sure that you’re using products that have nutritious, safe ingredients you want your skin to absorb, and nothing you don’t want it to absorb. That’s why He Be G-Bees uses only the finest natural and organic products that have plant-based antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients (aid in cell regeneration and repair); nothing artificial and no harmful chemicals or preservatives. Rest assured – what you’re putting on your skin won’t harm your skin, your wallet, animals, or the environment!

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