NH Made Criteria

Does Your Business Qualify For Membership?

NH Made is a statewide 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  Its mission is to strengthen New Hampshire’s economy by increasing the awareness of and demand for New Hampshire-made products and services and provide the support programs local businesses need to grow.

Membership to NH Made is open to all qualified NH businesses. The application process ensures that only NH products, specialty foods and local services from reliable producers and independent businesses, located in New Hampshire, are part of the program.

Once your completed application is received, it will be evaluated.  The following criteria are used in determining whether or not a business qualifies for membership.  If any of these criteria are unclear for a particular business, the Membership Compliance Committee will evaluate the information and use its judgment and discretion in deciding what best represents the mission and spirit of NH Made.  Appeals may be made in writing to the NH Made Board of Trustees. Please note, your payment will not be processed until you have been approved.

  1. Is the corporate headquarters for the business physically located in NH and registered as a business in good standing with the State of New Hampshire?  Does the business also file taxes in NH?
  2. Is the business’ NH address used on letterhead, business cards, product labeling, promotional and marketing materials, etc.?
  3. Does the business website display its NH address and NH-based contact information?
  4. Does the business meet all state licensing requirements for its respective product, service or industry?  The business must submit a copy of the license to NH Made.  For example, food producers must submit a current copy of their food service license and pet food producers must submit their certificate from the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Foods.
  5. Does the business use NH products, NH materials, NH labor and the business owner’s intellectual input whenever and wherever possible?  Does the business owner “own” the rights to the products, services, recipes, designs, etc.?

A business using a value-added process to make a product that is partially manufactured in NH may qualify if the  process substantially changes a raw material or a basic industrial material into a more finished product or alters the function, shape or appearance, resulting in a product with increased value.

Any independent service provider or retail operation in NH that promotes and sells products from NH Made members may qualify.  This includes grocery stores, gift shops, lodging & restaurants, specialty and other retail stores.

The business must agree to allow a site visit by a NH Made representative, if such a visit is deemed by NH Made to be necessary to determining the qualifications of membership.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@nhmade.com or call 603-679-9800. Thank you for your interest!

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