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While Cabonnay is labeled and recognized as an urban restaurant, wine house, and art galley with a rooftop, at-heart it is designed as a place where talented hospitality professionals, chefs, artists, bartenders, service staff, gardeners and musicians can play with ideas. We are all faced with many distractions in life, confronted with stress, and chaotic moments - we hope Cabonnay is a place where you can relax despite all the chaos around you - your Oasis. We are a Chef's Showcase restaurant and use only the freshest ingredients. Voted NH's Most Beautiful Restaurant, Cabonnay is designed as a place where guests can relax and engage, and we hope you do to!


Categories:  Food & Beverage, Attractions, Galleries & Studios, Restaurant & Lodging

55 Bridge St.
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101

Email:  ajacobs@cabonnay.com
Phone:  884- 946- 3473

Website:   http://www.cabonnay.com/
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!
Twitter:  @Cabonnay