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My journey in jewelry making began by creating earrings and pendants that are the creative pairing of my loves for beautiful stones and manipulating metal. I have always been a bit of a rock geek, and after taking a few metalsmithing classes, I fell in love with bending and twisting silver wire into whimsical designs. The result is a large collection of focal pendants in many shapes and colors, all with some variation of my signature squiggle. I continue to create earrings, changing my designs and materials along the way. Over the years, my interests have evolved, and my product line has grown to include button bracelets, flower hair clips, and hand knit scarves.

good gaud designs

Categories:  Products

Contact:  Allisen Lemay, designer
Email:  info@goodgauddesigns.com
Phone:  603-438-9405

Website:   www.goodgauddesigns.com
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