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Boggy Meadow Farm is an artisanal cheese maker based in Walpole, New Hampshire. Visit us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/BoggyMeadowFarm

The land has been in our family since the 17th century, where it has been used as a farm for as long as anyone can remember. Twenty years ago, Powell Cabot started to make Alpine cheeses, notably our Baby Swiss and our Smoked Baby Swiss at the farm. In 2005 we introduced our first "cave-aged" cheese -- the Fiddlehead Tomme. This is a brushed rind cheese which is aged up to one year. We also make Switchel Cider Vodka. Switchel, a 19th Century harvest drink, originated from the Caribbean in the 1600s. It combines the hot taster of ginger, the acidity of cider vinegar and the sweetness of boiled cider to create the original thirst quencher. No doubt, the haymakers posed on the west track field, which can you see on our website, were drinking Switchel at the end of the day. The recipe has been on the farm for generations, and our local apples are pressed at the Woods Cider Mill, just across the river, to make the cider. Today we have a small farm store which sells a variety of our cheese and other local products. These cheeses are available for purchase on our website as well, along with our handcrafted cheese boards, gift baskets, and adorable Boggy Meadow Farm t-shirts.

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Boggy Meadow Farm

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13 Boggy Meadow Lane
Walpole, NH 03608

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