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Arts Industry Alliance is a non-profit organization giving a voice to the artistic creators of original content within their communities. A large portion of "Arts" funding is allocated toward initiatives that import programming and talent from larger established markets and corporate systems, but rarely support the cultivation of original work unique to their own communities that can be exported to the world at large. AIA will work directly with businesses, community groups, and non-profits to educate them on how to allocate their funding to "the arts" so that their support is sustainable and has a positive impact on their local communities.

Arts Industry Alliance

Categories:  Attractions, Galleries & Studios, Products, Services

109R Water Street
Exeter, NH 03833

Email:  ArtsIndustryAlliance@gmail.com
Phone:  603-512-8396

Website:   www.ArtsIndustryAlliance.com
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Twitter:  tvprecords