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Laurel A. Smith has written the children’s books: The Quest for Quinnie, Pinboy, Hip Hopper the Hip Hop Grasshopper, and Miss Olivia goes to Bolivia. She has recently published her wit and humor memoir, My Parents Told me to NEVER put anything into writing, Oops! She has been published for humorous columns in The Keene Sentinel (Keene, NH) and in Our Town (Charlestown, NH). You may have read her article, “Believe”, in Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles.

Presently, she is collaborating with her sons writing a Revolutionary War historical novel, New Hampshire Warrior. New Hampshire Warrior is based on her great, great, great, grandfather’s war history during that developing time of our country. The last, but not final, is an adventure with her younger granddaughter, Isabella Mae, What should we make today?

She has visited schools in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts, also various Libraries, Winter Carnivals, Nursing Homes, Rotaries, Cable Television, and Book Stores.

Hip Hopper the Hip Hop Grasshopper by Laurel A Smith / Illustrated by Hope Ann Phillips: Hip Hopper the Hip Hop Grasshopper is a full color illustrated story of the popular Aesop's fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper. Hip Hopper loves to play. Grand Hopper needs him to find the value in work. See how they handle their differences. Included in the book a 45 Educational Word Card Set and a Step by Step on how to draw the main character Hip Hopper. Recommended for Preschool through Second Grade.

Miss Olivia goes to Bolivia by Laurel A Smith / Illustrated by Amber Wilcox: Miss Olivia goes to Bolivia takes Olivia around the world with animals and activities rhyming with "Olivia" and different areas, events, foods, items, and animals with the word "back". A full color 30 page picture book allowing the younger elementary students to experience Geography at an early age. Recommended for the Preschool through Second Grade classrooms.

The Quest for Quinnie by Laurel A Smith / Illustrated by Dan Noonan and Eamonn Hutton: The Quest for Quinnie has nine-year-old Maddie visiting her grandparents in New Hampshire. Maddie and her friend Sean set off on a series of adventures where they learn about the history of the Connecticut River and make friends with Quinnie. Included in the book text are information of the pictographs in Bellows Falls, Lake Hitchcock Glacier, Vermont and the famous trip of Rev Williams and his family from Deerfield Massachusetts to Canada. In the back of the book are 93 Curious Words and Phrases that are throughout the book’s text and could be used for a variety of Language Arts projects, along with 14 Quizzical Questions. Recommended for the Second through Fourth Grade Classrooms.

Pinboy by Laurel A Smith / Illustrated by Rose Mahanor: Pinboys? Ration Stamps? NO CHOCOLATE? In Pinboy, Heather and Danny go bowling with their grandfather and meet up with an interesting character named Twinkle Toes. They learn about Gramp's risky teen job and get answers to these questions, along with red flannel hash, Treasureland and a mystery of Lake Sunapee. Glossary of Bowling and the History of Bowling Included. Recommended for the Second through Fourth Grade Classrooms.

My Parents Told Me to NEVER Put Anything into Writing, Oops! by Laurel A Smith: A wit and humor memoir with some heartfelt moments. Over 40 funny tales of being a child, raising children, and surviving the elements of life and living. You’ll laugh, reminisce, ponder, and smirk again. Short stories to pick-up, put-down, or never stop reading. Recommended reading for those that have been on the planet for a minute.

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