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Barn Store of New England is open 7 days a week, Weekdays 8-6 , 8-4 Sat, 8:30-3 Sun. Barn Store specializes in New Hampshire's rural lifestyle needs, from hunting and fishing to agriculture and apparel. Come on down and check out our gun department. While you are here, have lunch at our restaurant featuring our meats farm raised in New Hampshire. We have our own custom meats available for purchase. Stop by today for a true treat of New Hampshire. barnstoreofnewengland.com 603-648-2888.

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Barn Store of New England

Categories:  Retail Sales

96 Old Turnpike Rd
Salisbury, NH 03268

Contact:  Jim Mason, manager
Email:  barnstoremanager@tds.net
Phone:  603-648-2888

Website:   www.barnstoreofnewengland.com