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Photos of quirky animals and delicate florals with unsuspecting insects are some of the best-sellers of the Eyewinkers line.

Express your sentiments to someone special with your own personal message inside. Each card is comprised of an actual PHOTOGRAPH adhered to quality cardstock, with a coordinating envelope.

Several funny animal styles are currently available, including an old billy goat talking to his buddy. Floral styles include New Hampshire's state flower, the purple lilac. Others are cleome, day lily, spring crocus, poppies .... some with grasshoppers and other crawlies....

Cards are available retail at Hannah Grimes Marketplace on Main Street in Keene NH.

The wholesale price is $1.75 each.

Eyewinkers Photography

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Contact:  Beverly Caldon, Eyewinkers Photography
Email:  eyewinkersphotography@gmail.com
Phone:  603-863-0506

Website:   www.eyewinkersphotography.com