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Candia Vineyards is a boutique winery that specializes in fine table wines from grapes. Our products, processes, and labels are meant to convey our dedication to hard work, quality, history, and romance. With traditionally correct food pairings, our wines transform a good meal into a memorable one. Social occasions are enhanced by the inclusion of a favorite Candia Vineyards wine. And many a romantic interlude has been heightened by our wine.

The #1 most awarded vineyard in all of New England at the Eastern States wine competition! We release unique, exclusive, and exciting wines from our vault – wholesale & retail, tours, custom labeling. Bob (603) 867-9751 Bob@CandiaVineyards.com Romance begins with New Hampshire's first Frontenac, Lacrosse, Noiret, and Diamond varietals. Our selections have been hand-picked to thrive in the robust New Hampshire climate. This matching of grapes to our local growing conditions, combined with our carefully developed processes for hand-crafting our wines, has brought CV numerous medals in many national and international competitions. Many wine judges place us among the best, and we are confident you will agree.

To meet the discerning tastes of our followers, we are offering many of our wines by subscription. If you want to reserve certain varietals, send us an email and let us know how much of each varietal you wish held for you, and we will gladly make arrangements for you.

Our town is steeped in folklore, in which it has been told that a party of hunters in the mid-1700's felled a fine deer, which they proclaimed to be charming fare. The town was then named CHARMINGFARE. The subsequent naming of “Candia” is for the Mediterranean town of Candia on the Isle of Crete, where a NH governor spent some time “on reserve”. Legend has it that he thought it was such a beautiful place that he renamed our town Candia when he returned. Our Vault Reserve wines forever immortalize this legend with label artwork depicting historic characters and our wine vault! Look for our Vault Reserve selections when we release our line of specialty wines.

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Candia Vineyards

Categories:  Food & Beverage

702 High St.
Candia, NH 03034

Contact:  Bob Dabrowski
Email:  Bob@CandiaVineyards.com
Phone:  (603)867-9751

Website:   www.CandiaVineyards.com