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Sweet Grass Farm – A fragrant and natural lifestyle - Soaps - Bath & Body – Homecare

We use high quality olive oil as a base for our lovely soaps. Fragranced with pure essential oils, herbs and nutrients, the soaps are handstirred, handcut, and aged for 28 days. They contain loads of natural glycerin and wonderful rich lather. We find that many people, once they try our soaps, can't go back to the harsh bars they were using before. They're absolutely smitten.

Our famous Super Duty Hand Care is an all natural hand salve that helps to heal dry, split cracked hands, fingers, elbows and feet. To use, remove this unique solid salve from the tin and warm between palms, rubbing into dry skin. We receive rave letters from customers who have tried everything to solve their dry skin nightmares. After using this, the results are usually immediate, and miraculous, according to some.

Chappy's lip balms are great for helping dry chapped lips. A straight forward recipe packed in convenient little tins. Fresh and delightful. Choose Lemon, Berry, or Peppermint. 1.25oz (36.9mL)

Sore Muscles Need Spring Chicken Muscle Rub.
Rub this cinnamon scented concoction into tired, sore, muscles, and all of a sudden, you'll feel warm, soothing relief. Made with pure cassia and peppermint essential oils, plus heat expressed.

For the bath try our bath salts
It is amazing that something so simple can somehow dissolve in water, invade your body, and make your muscles feel lighter than air. A regular soak in a tub that is spiked with our salts will do your mind, soul and body a world of good. Available in Pure Lavender, Beach Rose, Green Tea, or Sweet Vanilla.

Moisturizing Bath Syrup
How effective can a bath oil be when it just sits in little blobs on top of your bath water? We've found a natural oil that actually mixes with water and envelopes your body in a soothing blanket of moisture. This unique recipe also features natural vegetable glycerin for a double dose of skin nourishment. Available in Lavender or Sweet Vanilla.

Sometimes, just a small change in routine can transform something you dread into something you love. We've applied this concept to homecare. Our cleaning products are based on the powerful properties of natural ingredients like lavender, and plant derived cleansers, with healthy doses of fragrance. With our Farmhouse products, your house will smell clean and fresh, friends will comment on how your clothes smell so wonderful, and perhaps you will feel calm and peaceful while doing your chores.

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Sweet Grass Farm

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