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We are a 3rd generation family dairy farm, with about 250 head of Holsteins and a bunch of brown Swiss thrown in the mix. We have about 450 acres and do all our own cropping and take care of a dozen local properties owned by others.

We are open to the general public, a lot of the school kids come here and pay us visits as a field trip and learning experience. We are located in a great area next to Pillsbury state park, where there are miles of trails on our property and those surrounding us for snowmobiling, hiking, skiing, walking and horseback riding.

Besides milking and cropping we make and sell hay, we have the best compost around. People come as far away as Vermont and Massachusetts to buy our compost.

We sell cordwood, and logs to the mills in the winter. We opened our farm store and it has worked out very nicely. We offer a multitude of items for sale. Our raw milk, in glass and plastic jugs, local eggs from Spring Meadow Farm which we get fresh every third day. We sell our home grown, grass fed, USDA certified beef, many cuts of steaks and roasts to choose from - vacuum pack sealed for longer freezer life. Also we have a wide variety of cuts in lamb meat and pork. We have decided to carry a couple of items from local people, like maple syrup and maple products. Goats milk soaps and salves. Also we carry some jellies and jams, herbs and teas and meat glazes for roasting and grilling. We make a weekly trip to a local bakery for fresh danishes, cookies, muffins and breads. Looking ahead to summer, for some fresh vegtables. So if you are in our neighborhood stop by and say Hi! check out the store and "Eat Local"

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Eccardt Farm Inc.

Categories:  Food & Beverage

2766 East Washington Road
Washington, NH 03280

Contact:  George and Sandy Eccardt, owner
Email:  Eccardtfarm@gsinet.net
Phone:  603-495-3157
Fax:  603-495-0020