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Enna Chocolate is a chocolate factory and cafe located in Exeter, New. Hampshire. Enna makes chocolate from bean-to-bar in micro batches, using the finest ethically sourced cacao available. Cocoa beans offer a wide variety of flavors, depending on tree variety, terroir, and processing. Enna Chocolate highlights the unique flavor profiles that are a result of the cacao's origin, resulting in chocolate that is a unique and delicious tasting experience. The cafe serves a full range of finely crafted classic espresso, coffee, and chocolate drinks.

Enna Chocolate

Categories:  Products, Food & Beverage, Retail Sales

152 Front Street
Exeter, NH 03833

Email:  enna@ennachocolate.com
Phone:  (603) 580-5132

Website:   https://www.ennachocolate.com/
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!
Twitter:  @ennachocolate