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I have created my whole business around the idea that came to me while walking around the kitchen section of a Big Box Store. I realized that everything there was made in the quickest and cheapest way possible, even the items that have renowned chefs names on them. Everything there was literally plastic garbage, items that won't last more than a year let alone a lifetime. I thought about that for a while and decided I can do that... but better.

You will find the same kind of utensils and tools that you can find in that Big Box Store, except my items are made from quality materials that will last generations. Not only that, If there is a problem with one of my items, you have me there for you, you can send me an email, and I will answer it, not some outsourced company across the world. I know that your time and your loyalty is valuable and I will make the effort to fix any problems you may have with my products.

I am a father of three boys (yes, my house is perfectly clean and quiet...NOT). I have an amazingly supportive and loving wife, and I love to work with wood and metal! I have been working with these materials most of my life and I know that these products will be there for you, and it is my name, and my commitment to excellence that stands behind everything that I make.

NorthWoodsWorkStudio, LLC

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