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Artisan body care products crafted with rich and lush natural ingredients. Heleka is for those seek to embrace a healthful lifestyle - and - indulgent pampering! We carefully select who we purchase our ingredients from. Locally sourced ingredients are important to us and we will purchase locally whenever possible. While most of our products are vegan, there are a few products that contain beeswax and silk. We only purchase these products from companies that collect these natural items in a humane manner. Our silk is cruelty free- the fibers are collected from the cocoons after the silk worms have emerged. We will never purchase anything from a company that utilizes any type of animal testing and encourage you to do the same. We have carefully formulated our products to benefit all skin types. Many of our products are extremely beneficial to aging and mature skin. Helping you maintain beautiful, healthy skin - naturally - is what we are all about! Heleka


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Phone:  603-856-5457
Fax:  603-798-3674

Website:   www.heleka.com
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