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HISTORY: Harvest Thyme Herbs has been creating exceptional products for 25 years. Prompt delivery and excellent customer service is our motto. All products are hand-packaged to our own recipes and are mixed individually--not in large batches--to insure quality.

HERB DIP MIXES in twelve different flavor selections include the ever-popular Galloping Garlic
and Dill to Die For Herb Dip.

OLD THYME SEASONINGS was introduced to Harvest Thyme's product line in the fall of 2005. Recipes include delicious mixes for potatoes--(Garlic Smashed, Mom's Magnificent Mashed, Savory Oven Roast, and Baked Potato Topper), Chicken and Fish Fixin's, Pork Chop Coat and Bake, Popcorn and Pasta Seasonings.

TEA SACHETS make perfect office and teacher gifts. Each sachet contains 6 tea bags. We offer 14 delicious flavors of TEA, (maple, honey, chocolate mint and more). Our tea bags are packaged in decorative cloth sachets and are a great addition to gift baskets!

CALLING ALL CAT LOVERS! Our catnip kitty comforters are a definite favorite with the felines. We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality gourmet catnip. Choose from cute titles: Mice dreams, Cat-astrophy, Regular, De-Cat, Psycho-delic, and What Drapes

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Harvest Thyme Herbs

Categories:  Food & Beverage

73 White's Grove Rd
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

Email:  hthyme@yahoo.com
Phone:  603-563-7032

Website:   https://www.harvestthyme.com