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Slebogganing is a new winter sport! Using a Sleboggan can increase the speed and control of many of today's plastic toboggans and snow saucers. Compared to a ride on your average plastic toboggan, a ride with a Sleboggan in your hands is likely to be more exhilarating and safer. The experience is something like a cross between sledding and tobogganing. If conditions are right, repeated Sleboggan runs on the same path can create a curved chute, similar to a bobsled run. New for 2013 is the "Griffin" model Sleboggan. Named after my second grandson and designed by my son Carson. Also now available is the new Link ll Signature Edition Sleboggan.

Mr. Sleboggan, Incorporated

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136 Grace Road
Wilmot, NH 03287

Contact:  William Herrick, President
Email:  getasleboggan@gmail.com
Phone:  (603) 748 - 6205

Website:   www.sleboggan.com
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!
Twitter:  mrsleboggan