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In the spring of 1972 our first beehive was established. We learned how to handle bees without the protection of jackets, veils and gloves by simply following the advice written in “Starting Right with Bees”, a soft cover guide published by A. I. Root.

Our first year was successful and it prompted the addition of a second hive. Our neighbor also joined in on the fun by adding a hive in his back yard.

Over the years, we have always had a hive or two either placed in our back yard or located at a farm or in a garden close to the house.

The honey taken from the bees was jarred and given to family and friends to enjoy. There were always requests for more once the honey was tasted. We were amazed at the variation of flavors a colony of honeybees could produce based on the flowers that they would frequent.

Mint, lemon, citrus, basswood and lavender were some of the few flavors that would be harvested from our hives.

Our experience indicated that darker honey produced in the fall was preferred to the lighter honey produced in the springtime. It has been our practice to blend the lighter honey that has a sweet flowery bouquet with the darker honey which has a robust flavor and a higher pollen and enzyme content to produce a blend that our customers prefer and strive to hunt us down for our product.

We presently have as many as sixty (60) hives operating in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Our jarred honey is sold at Salem Farmer's Market in Salem, NH as well as many local NH stores and restaurants:

Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery - Raymond, NH On The Vine Marketplace - Exeter, NH Wicks & Whimsies - Kingston, NH Heron Pond Farm - S. Hampton, NH Newfields Country Store - Newfield, NH The Black Forest Café - Amherst, NH

also Srybny's Farmstand - Haverhill, MA Barker's Farmstand - N. Andover, MA Wally's Vegetables - Haverhill, MA

We are retired yet we work every day to keep our colonies healthy and strong and to keep our product distributed so that our customers can enjoy the fruits of our labor and benefit from the healthy aspects of keeping raw, local honey in their daily diets.

Come visit our apiaries and learn more about honeybees and their intricate society. We welcome inquisitive minds.

Buzz 'n' Bee Apiary

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