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Joan's Famous Composting Worms

Give the fun and unique wriggling red gift that keeps people 'green' throughout the year. Clean and easy to keep year- round, Joan's Famous Composting Worms turn kitchen scraps into rich, healthy compost perfect to nourish houseplants and gardens. Each container of red wrigglers comes with simple instructions and fascinating information on the benefits of composting worms. A perfect gift for the cooks, gardeners, recycling advocates, and kids of all ages on your gift list this year.

Joan's Famous Composting Worms, Box 387, Henniker, NH 03242. Call 603-496-1718 or email joconnornh@yahoo.com. www.joansworms.com

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Joan's Famous Composting Worms

Categories:  Products

PO Box 387
Henniker, NH 03242

Contact:  Joan O'Connor, owner
Email:  joconnornh@yahoo.com
Phone:  (603) 496 - 1718
Fax:  (603) 428 - 3530

Website:   www.joansworms.com