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Did you know more than 95% of the greens most people eat come all the way from California, Arizona and Mexico? That’s not exactly nearby. Nor is it a good recipe for freshness. At lēf Farms, the new home of the freshest and tastiest greens in the Northeast, we think greens need to be grown where they’ll be eaten -- so they get on your plate at the peak of freshness. That’s why all our greens are hydroponically grown right here in the heart of New England...with non-GMO seeds in a 100% pesticide-free environment. One that never includes a chlorine bath. We also harvest them in a cooler at 35°F to lock in freshness, extend shelf life, and preserve deliciousness. We encourage you to give them a try, and we're sure they’ll change your perception of just how fresh, healthy and flavorful local greens can taste.

lēf Farms

Categories:  Retail Sales, Food & Beverage

Contact:  Donald Grandmaison, Sales and Marketing Manager
Email:  donaldg@lef-farms.com
Phone:  603-435-4500
Fax:  603-783-0250

Website:   http://lef-farms.com
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!