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Besheer Art Tile makes fine, hand painted decorative art tiles and wall plaques for the U.S. Capitol Building, Major Museums, Historical Societies, Zoos, National Parks, and Fine Shops and Clientele Nationwide since 1972. These hand crafted tiles can be used in kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, or as decorative wall plaques and trivets. Design themes include: Backyard Song Birds, Lace, Victorian, Egyptian, African, Lighthouses, Seashore Designs, Cobalt Blue Renaissance, Angels, Cats, Dogs, Political Tiles, Loons, Moose, Fruit Tiles, Vegetable Tiles, Nature Scenes, Flowers, Floral Tiles, Quilt Tiles, Corporate Logos, Fund Raisers, and much, much more!

• Free Shipping for orders of $75.00 or more in the Continental U.S.A. ~ single destination

• Many people are under the misconception that to decorate with handpainted tile requires contractors, equipment, and major room overhaul – not true… Besheer Tiles, most measuring 6” x 6”, are all available with a free secure hanger and backing, which allows the tiles to simply be hung on any wall, using very small brads. In this way, decorative groupings can be created around a particular theme without having to permanently install the tiles. For example, you can hang a collection of song bird tiles on the walls in a kitchen and it will set the mood for the entire room.

Or, you can order them without the complimentary backing for permanent installations. Install these hand painted tiles in your kitchen backsplash, countertop, bathroom, or fireplace, for an exquisite and significant addition to your home!

• Our complete selection is shown on our website. Our company is also known as: Besheer Tile or Besheer Studios.

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Besheer Art Tile

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