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Winsome Forge sells "Gourmet Granite", a NH made chocolate product, to businesses, consumers and groups desiring unique NH gifts. We felt it was time that New Hampshire had a gourmet product which is truly representative of our state nickname, hence the name "Gourmet Granite" was born. It combines the granite description of our state with a rich gourmet milk chocolate, that is sure to delight chocolate lovers and tourists alike.

Gourmet Granite can be used to help NH businesses promote their own business (such as those that sell granite, stone, or similar products) or even others to promote their own businesses; by tourist shops, as a very unique NH product; as school fundraisers for those who wish to send distinctively NH gifts to out of state family/friends; and by state and local officials or others who desire to hand out gifts promoting our fine state. While Gourmet Granite is our flagship product, Winsome Forge sells other unique chocolates such as Live Free Stones, Gourmet Seashells, Lobster Claws and GraveStones.

Winsome Forge

Categories:  Food & Beverage

200 Griffin Rd Ste 9
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Email:  granite@winsomeforge.com
Phone:  603-661-2980

Website:   www.winsomeforge.com
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Twitter:  WinsomeForgeLLC