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Robin Levine an artist living in Merrimack, was formerly active as a jeweler and ceramic artist in Philadelphia. Not being able to set up a studio, she found a good substitute for porcelain in polymer clay, a substance that was pleasing in color and texture. The plastic-like material lends itself to shaping and takes kindly to manipulations that include blending various colors. Colors are kneaded together to when a configuration that is reminiscent of a scene in nature – a mountain with a small rivulet resembling a waterfall, a set of waves sliding onto a sandy beach or any landscape imaginable. There are a lot of colors and patterns and shapes in nature. I look at my clay and when I see an image I like, I say, ‘Yes – that’s the image I want.’”

Landscape Jewelry LLC

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Contact:  Robin Levine
Email:  robin@landscapejewelry.com
Phone:  603-429-3464

Website:   www.landscapejewelry.com