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Organic shea butter creams, all-natural olive oil soaps, healing hand & lip balms, aromatic lavender & luxurious herbal products for body, bath & home. Made exclusively with pure botanical essential oils, Forest House Herbals are handcrafted with care by New Hampshire husband/wife artisan gardeners Charles Patrick Terry & L. Sierra Brookes.

Artful *Deep Peace* Lavender Dream Pillows & *From the Garden* Gift Sets for the Bridal, Yoga/Spa/Wellness, Real Estate, Hospitality & Fundraising markets.

Call or email for a current Forest House Herbals e-catalog. Exclusive catalog representation by Isabella Catalog.

Forest House Herbals

Categories:  Products

PO Box 44
W. Peterborough, NH 03468

Contact:  L. Sierra Brookes
Email:  sierrastyle@hotmail.com
Phone:  603-654-9770

Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!