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Logos, business cards, brochures, print advertisements, product photography, photo retouching, web graphics, letterhead, trade show graphics.

About me: As soon as I was old enough to draw with crayons, I knew I needed to express my creativity. I worked hard until I made that dream come true. In the last 20 years, I've done graphic design for a publishing company, a print shop, an advertising agency and a large retail company. Having honed my skills while navigating an ever-shifting employment environment, I realized a new dream: to strike out on my own, helping companies and businesspeople improve their brands through design, illustration and photography.

I've done all of this in my native New Hampshire -- such a great place to live and work that I've never left.

What I'm best at: Designing clean logos and illustrations. Seeing a good photo opportunity that no one else does. Making that photo pop. Creating organized, pleasing, legible design. (I spent years cramming 17 photos, 13 copy blocks, and a headline into a two-page catalog spread, over and over. It was great training!)

Design by Kristian Gustafson

Categories:  Services, Retail Sales

Contact:  Kristian Gustafson, owner
Email:  kristian@sitboaf.com
Phone:  603-233-2663

Website:   http://www.sitboaf.com
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