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Soothey Designs creates high quality products that elevate your health on a physical and emotional level using beautiful textiles, aromatherapy, deep pressure and warm or cold comfort. Our items are covered in soothing and attractive fabrics that are not only lovely, but long lasting and machine washable. These covers are removable and the inside organic items can be placed in the microwave to warm or in the freezer to chill. Sootheys come in all sizes to support backs, necks, hands, knees and feet with five aroma choices. We use natural materials and pure essentials oils in our aromas. Sootheys are designed and created in Rye, New Hampshire.

Soothey Designs LLC

Categories:  Products, Retail Sales, Attractions, Galleries & Studios

150 Lafayette Rd Suite B2
Rye , NH 03870

Email:  www.soothey.com
Phone:  435-640-5116

Website:   www.soothey.com
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Twitter:  Soothey Designs LLC