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As a child I watched my father build our home, a process that sparked my lifelong interest in wood working. Over the years I have been involved with it in many different capacities, however during the past decade my focus has been predominately on wood turning. Creating one of a kind pieces; experimenting with finishes, shapes, wood varieties, densities and wood textures has been fascinating, frustrating, and most of all humbling. Many of the pieces I produce come from local trees that have fallen in storms or from other natural events. Turning the wood into useful and unique items such as bowls, wineglasses, ornaments, toys and jewelry boxes gives a second life to the tree. Occasionally tree owners have requested items be made specifically for them, thus allowing them an unusual, personal heirloom of their property. Wood is a beautiful, natural material. Like a fingerprint or a snowflake there are no two trees alike, ensuring that every turned piece is totally individual in its grain and coloring. All my items have been treated with food safe materials and with simple proper care will provide years of use and happiness!

Willow Vale Woodturning

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7 Willow Vale
Atkinson, NH 03811

Contact:  Al Lanseigne, Mr
Email:  stickball13@comcast.net
Phone:  603-489-8309

Website:   http://WillowValeWoodturning.weebly.com
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