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StumpChunks, an all natural, E-Z light fire starter, is made by creating a unique blend of open weave New England hardwoods and softwood. This special structure creates a blast-furnace effect when lit, giving you impressively fast lighting.

Best of all, even though this is an all natural wood product, no trees are ever cut down expressly to make this product. StumpChunks is the ultimate environmentally friendly product utilizing a long forgotten source of energy… high density, naturally aged tree stumps.

Stump Chunks LLC

Categories:  Products

8 DW Industrial Park Drive
Hooksett, NH 03106

Contact:  Sylvain Roy, Co Owner
Email:  sales@stumpchunks.com
Phone:  603-935-5405
Fax:  603-625-2571

Website:   www.stumpchunks.com
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!