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My beach stone products were inspired as I walked the shores of Rye Beach on misty mornings. I became intrigued with the variety of stones that I found while on these tranquil walks. I couldn't resist picking up the stones and admiring their shapes, smooth texture, colors, and patterns, all formed by nature. After acquiring a collection of these beautiful and unique stones, I began to wonder about their possible uses. Thus was begun the idea of making jewelry from the stones.

I create each pendant from these special stones by a brief tumble and polish. The stones are then drilled and finished with a light coat of a special wax that enhances the patterns and colors of the stone. I complete the pendant with a simple bail and jump ring so that each stone's natural beauty is the focal point. Each stone is on a 16-18” adjustable black satin cord with a lobster clasp.

No two stones are ever alike, so each pendant is a one-of-a-kind piece, appealing to both visual and tactile senses. Each stone is as unique and individual as each customer.

Stone & Paper LLC

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Contact:  Susan Randall, Owner
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