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Terzakis & Associates is small business advising and coaching firm that believes solo-entrepreneurs and small business, alike, are promoters for creating positive change in our communities.  This informs our belief that it’s their duty play a larger role in service to others and to create a legacy. By advising and coaching our clients to increase their market reach with truth and honesty as its foundation.    We guide, nurture and advise them to live out their life’s purpose and to support them in their efforts to realize their fullest potential all the while achieving their personal dreams and financial aspirations. In doing this, we’ve measurably and gratefully achieved our own. Call us today and let's work together to bring positive increase to your business and it's offerings to our communities.

Terzakis & Associates, LLC

Categories:  Services, Products, Restaurant & Lodging

173 South River Road
Suite 3
Bedford, NH 03110

Contact:  Susan-Anne Terzakis, CEO
Email:  Susan@terzakisandassociates.com
Phone:  603-488-2130

Website:   www.terzakisandassociates.com
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!