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The Root Seller Marketplace is owned and operated by Taproot Farm & Environmental Education Center, a NH nonprofit organization whose mission is to care for the environment by educating, inspiring, and connecting communities to the land, to their food, and to each other in a holistic manner. Taproot’s programs offer services that fall under three distinct but holistically integrated realms: Food & Agriculture, Education & the Arts, and Ecological Stewardship. The purpose of the Root Seller Marketplace is to support our local and regional food system by: a) providing space for both farmers and food producers within 50 miles of Lancaster to sell their products directly to the consumer year round; b) connecting patrons to regionally made products to limit the farm to plate footprint; c) offering whole, nutritious foods in bulk in order to reduce wasteful packaging; d) offering educational opportunities that align with Taproot’s mission. The Root Seller Marketplace’s operates in two ways: a) An indoor farmers market wherein our service is to provide local farmers and food producers, what we term Local Direct Vendor (LDV), space to sell their own products, and b) A traditional retail store wherein we purchase wholesale regional food products and whole, natural bulk foods from local distributors that supplement our LDV's products.

The Root Seller Marketplace

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77 Main Street
Lancaster, NH 03584

Email:  melissa@taprootnh.org
Phone:  603-788-4183

Website:   http://taprootnh.org
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