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The River, Independent Radio for independent minds. Locally owned & operated, covering greater Boston/NH: from the Merrimack Valley, to the Seacoast, Concord and the Lakes Region/Central NH . Listen on 102.3 WXRG, Concord ... or on 105.7 WLKC, NH's Lakes Region ... or on 92.5 WRXV, Andover/Boston.

The River, 102.3 WXRG

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814 Elm Street, Suite 508
Manchester, NH 03101

Email:  SFriedman@wxrv.com
Phone:  603-669-1250
Fax:  603-647-1260

Website:   http://WXRV.com/
Facebook page:  Find us on Facebook!
Twitter:  925theRiver