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UndertheLeafDesigns is an artist studio located in New Hampshire hand painting, designing prints and patterns on fabrics and creating artisan clothing and accessories including face scarfs, neck gaiters, neck scarfs, headbands, all season scarfs, accessories and more from their own hand painted and printed fabrics. They work in velours, fleece, modal knits, vegan suedes, faux leathers, velvets, chiffons, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, and design and manufacture all of their items locally. Products are soft, high quality, vibrant, and made for washing and are wearable for both the indoors and outdoors. They currently are in numerous gift shops and fine arts stores around the country and at select national show case events. They also do custom accessories for the bridal party. You can order on-line at their website UndertheLeafDesigns.com or contact them at UndertheLeafDesigns@gmail.com. 10% of all on-line sales/proceeds go to the homeless in NH communities.


Categories:  Products

Email:  UndertheLeafDesigns@gmail.com
Phone:  603-400-1186

Website:   https://undertheleafdesigns.com